Ground Engaging Tools (GET)

      Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T.) is a strong point with ITR America. ITR manufactures and sells tens of thousands of direct replacement cast and forged teeth, Adapters, and Pins during the year. ITR's "DRP" (Direct replacement products) are designed, engineered and manufactured using high Boron type, wear resistant steels to provide customers with a long lasting, high quality alternatives to both OEM and Specialty G.E.T. producers.

      Direct Replacement teeth and adapter designs are available from ITR America for use on Caterpillar, Deere, Komatsu, CNH, and many other fine equipment manufacturers at a fraction of the OEM prices. ITR also produces replacement teeth and adapters compatible with designs marketed by Hensley, ESCO, H&L, Hendrix, ADCO and others.

      Other ITR branded Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T.) products, include an extensive range of Cutting Edges, Grader Blades, Cast, Hot Cupped, and Forged End Bits, Base and Blade Edge Systems, Integrated Tooth Edges, Half Arrows, Bucket & Ripper Protectors, Side Cutters, Heal Plates, Weldable Base Edges, Wear Shrouds, Weldable Wear Bars, Soil Caps, Landfill Compaction Cleats, Stinger Edges, Router Bits, Dozer Edges, Carbide and Non-Carbide, Heat Treated and Carbon Steel configurations. ITR also provides Cast, Forged, and Fabricated AR-400 Ripper Shanks in various sizes, from the smallest Scarifier shanks all the way up to the largest D-11 and 475 Komatsu dozer ripper shanks.

      ITR's New Futura brand teeth offer customers an option of a specially patented tooth design offering users "Extended Service Life" by placing more abrasion resistant steel in the common wear areas. This unique engineering tooth profile provides much longer service in tougher working applications than other standard tooth designs.

      In addition to our Futura and ITR Brand programs, ITR America is proud to be the largest independent, North American stocking distributor of Black Cat Blades. Black Cat Blades produces an extensive line of, high quality G.E.T., Cutting Edges and Grader Blades. ITR GET:

Black Cat Blades Futura Logo
  • Bucket Teeth & Adapters and Protectors
  • Grader Blades, Cutting Edges (Carbon & Heat Treated)
  • Ripper Tips & Shanks, Protectors
  • Side Cutters, Hardware and More
  • Direct Replacement Designs
  • Extended Service Products
  • Custom Applications