Ground Engaging Tools

Quality GET Solutions

ITR manufactures and sells tens of thousands of direct replacement GET items each year. ITR’s DRP (Direct Replacement Products) are designed, engineered and manufactured with premium steels that are properly heat treated to ensure the best balance between hardness & toughness.

ITR’s constantly growing GET line has you covered! With solutions for the smallest Compact Utility Machines to the largest Mining Shovels, we have the quality products you need.

ITR America offers one of the most diverse ranges of Ground Engaging Tools in North America, with coverage for most popular systems.

  • Bucket Teeth & Adapters
  • Grader Blades and Cutting Edges
  • Weld-On Based Edges
  • Heavy Duty Cast Edges
  • Cast Half Arrow Segments & Edges
  • Ripper Tips, Shanks & Protectors
  • Bucket Protection & Weld-On Wear Material
  • Surface & Underground Mining Products
  • Compactor Cleats
  • Snow Removal Products
  • Carbide Bits & Holders
  • Dredging Solutions
  • Plow Bolts & Nuts
  • & More…